About Us

A DJCAD graduate is making a new art exhibition and retail space available in a converted Dundee warehouse for emerging artists. Janet Cameron, who graduated in 2016, is responding to a “basic requirement” that she and fellow graduates have faced accessing quality gallery space in the city.

Art has always been a passion of Janet's and after graduating with an honour’s degree from Duncan of Jordonstone she spent some time figuring out what her next steps were. . Tilted Duck aims to have its own unique take on upcycled furniture, antiques and vintage goods where the Tilted Duck logo will be synonymous with quality and originality. the gallery space will be open to artists of all disciplines. It is a well heated  area with high ceilings, great roof skylights and a mezzanine level.

Janet said

 “Artists are not getting fair fees from commissions and for the work they’re putting in for commissions. They’re working long hours for no money. And I know from my own experience how difficult that is.”

“The increasing costs associated with higher education, studio rent or city living, mean that less advantaged artists are frequently diverted from sustaining their practice. Many are on  minimum wage and sadly have no time to think about making work – they are exhausted.”

“The basic requirements boil down to three areas: time, space and money. It is no revelation to hear that artists are increasingly struggling to access these resources and also the deep concerns about the normalisation of unpaid opportunities in the art sector and the narrowing demographic profile of graduates able to maintain their practice. What we are doing here is addressing those difficulties.”