Tilted Duck Dundee Update

Tilted Duck Dundee Update

Moving Forward


Things never work out the way you planned. Our new unit in Dundee is nearing completion but it has not been without its challenges. It is difficult to believe that just a few weeks ago we were feeling a bit overwhelmed by the work that was being carried out and that we seemed to be moving backwards instead of forward.

What a difference two weeks has made. We are now using the workshop and spray room and have managed to set up our photographic equipment and take photos for the website

We are lucky that we had such a great team of tradesmen working on the project. The joiners, electricians,plumbers and painters all did a fantastic job and we can,t recommend them highly enough so thank you Craig,Grant,Paul, Derek and all your teams. 

We are off to London this week buying stock. We are especially on the lookout for Vintage sunglasses. Got to be ready for festival season!

Watch out for news coming soon of a new clothing line using fabric by Eileen Law of Hey Ho Design.